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Fast Forward EV has aligned its service offerings with the The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) within the U.S. Department of Energy. This alignment allows us to quickly fill any capability gaps your organization may have, and contribute towards the same end goals. Here’s how we can help your organization become “EV Ready”.

Overall Fleet Planning

Identify candidate vehicles within your fleet that can be replaced with battery-electric vehicles, and how those vehicles fit within the overall fleet plan. Quantify and document specific use-cases and requirements.

Identifying EV Opportunities

Explore the market offerings in related types of vehicles, including sedans, cargo/passenger vans, light-duty trucks, and specialty vehicles. We’re uniquely qualified to discuss the adaptation of these vehicles to suit your agency’s purpose and priorities.

Consultation: Creating an EVSE Deployment Plan

We can help to analyze and prioritize your facilities and infrastructure needs. We can perform site surveys, infrastructure analysis, and documentation needed for subsequent phases in the process.

EVSE Acquisitions and Installation

We can help to identify best-in-class products used for charging and infrastructure. We partner with vendors of brands you know and trust to ensure maximum availability and serviceability.

Fleet Acquisition

As a company that is purely focused on fleet electrification, our product knowledge in the automotive space is unparalleled. We know electric vehicles through and through–delving into battery chemistries and electric motor specifications.

ZEV and EVSE Operations

Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end with planning and procurement. We can offer support contracts to keep the system moving seamlessly and according to plan.

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