Fast Forward EV offers a wide range of services, including Fleet Transformation, EV Supply Equipment, and Vehicle Conversion.


Fleet Transformation

The process of electrification begins with a deep understanding of both the unique advantages and challenges associated with EV adoption. Using our knowledge of the EV landscape, we provide agencies with invaluable insights into the technology, infrastructure, and regulatory landscape.

We work with our clients to adopt a tailored electrification strategy that aligns with agency goals. We guide vehicle selection and assist with vehicle disposition (finding a new home for your existing fleet of gas-powered vehicles) using the most earth-friendly strategies possible. This ensures the end-goal of improving the environment is realized in the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible way.


EV Supply Equipment and Services

Fast Forward EV offers a full range of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) solutions–carefully adapted to meet the specific needs of the Federal Government as well as state and local municipalities. Our solutions are designed to be compatible with every major EV brand and model on the market.
Our team handles the installation process from start to finish, and our stations are user-friendly, ensuring that your employees can charge with ease.
We ensure the charging process hassle-free, not just when it is first installed, but with continued support throughout the systems’ lifecycle. This can include repair, support contracts, and maintenance services.
As the EV landscape changes, so do we. We stay at the forefront of technological advancements to ensure your charging infrastructure is future-proof


Vehicle Conversion and Upfitting

Did you Know?
A conventional ICE vehicle can be converted to a full battery-electric vehicle? It is usually impractical to convert an economy car or sedan from ICE to electric. However, your organization likely owns highly-customized and purpose-built vehicles as well. We know your organization likely made a considerable investment in procuring these vehicles. Their body and frame may have years of serviceable life remaining.
It is worthwhile to consider transforming these vehicles to electric power, rather than replacing them entirely. Avoid the replacement cost and keep these vehicles out of landfills and scrapyards. The engineering team at Fast Forward EV is specially trained for this type of work.

Garbage Truck Fleet
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